Accurate allergen labeling is important in any food safety plan. Cross-contact problems can make any label ineffective. 

Make sure labels contain accurate information about ingredients that may be allergens and ensure that the right label is on the package. Your suppliers should accurately identify allergens in the products they provide, and packaging suppliers should accurately print ingredient information on the labels. 

To make sure ingredients and products all have the correct labels to track potential allergens, you might monitor continuously with a bar-code scanner. If that technology is not available to you, you might check labels periodically by visually inspecting them. 

Here is an example of an Allergen Preventive Controls form showing packaging controls that may have been identified on the Hazard Analysis form.

Allergen Preventive Control form with labeling

PRODUCT:PAGE 1 of ___________
Allergen ControlHazard(s)Critical LimitsMonitoringCorrective ActionVerificationRecords
WhatHowHow oftenWho
Receiving packaging
material – Labels
Correct Ingredient and allergen information is printed on the label
Presence of peanut in ingredient list and “contains” statement on label
Visual inspection to ensure all allergens in the formula are on the labelEach batch of printed labels before release to production
Reject label, request
replacement with correct information from label printer
Label coordinator verifies declared allergens match current formula monthly and each formula change. Review recordsProduct label review

Ingredient formula

Corrective action records
Label verification

Label, code step
Undeclared allergens – peanutsCorrect labels are loaded onto labelling equipmentCorrect label is loaded onto labeling equipmentVisual InspectionEach time labels are loaded onto machineOperatorReturn material to warehouse, request correct labellingVerify label review procedure

Review records to evaluate trends
Allergen label check log

Production deviation log
Download a blank version of this Process Preventive Control Form or access it in the Appendix. (FSPCA, 2016. Preventive Controls for Human Food Instructor Guide. Page 9-2)

Later, you will verify that the labels are effective at preventing allergens from getting into products unintentionally.