Corrective Actions

When monitoring indicates that a control limit has not been met, corrective actions must be taken to fix the problem so that sensitive individuals are not exposed to the allergen. For example, when monitoring to make sure that scheduling and cleaning between processing different products is preventing allergens from coming into contact with products that don’t contain allergens, you might find by swabbing or visually inspecting equipment that cross-contact has happened. In this case, the suspect product must be segregated and disposed of. 

When monitoring packaging material, it is important to ensure that the allergen is printed on the label for products that contain that allergen. If a supplier prints your labels, you should check when those labels first arrive and reject the batch if they are incorrect.  

Check again when labels are loaded onto labeling equipment to make sure you have the correct version.

Periodically check while processing to make you are loading the raw material you intended to use. If you find that the wrong material accidentally has been loaded, segregate and dispose of all the product you’ve processed since the last good check.