Determining Preventative Controls

Once the decision has been made that a preventive control is needed, and justification has been documented in column 4 of the form, the preventive control should be described in column 5. Remember, preventive controls may include:

  • Process preventive controls (referred to in HACCP as Critical Control Points)
  • Food allergen preventive controls
  • Sanitation preventive controls
  • Supply-chain program
  • Recall plan

Potential preventive control examples

Biological hazards

  • Process controls that kill pathogens (e.g., cooking)
  • Process controls that prevent growth (e.g.,limit time at improper conditions, temperature controls)
  • Supply-chain programs for sensitive ingredients without a kill step
  • Sanitation controls that prevent contamination

Chemical hazards

  • Supply-chain programs
  • Allergen labeling
  • Sanitation controls that prevent allergen cross-contact

Physical hazards

  • Process controls such as filtering, metal detection, x-ray devices

Finally, it should be noted in column 6 whether the preventive control is applied at this step in the manufacturing process or at a later step in the process.