GMPs for Pest Management

Pests such as rodents, birds, and insects can affect the overall sanitation of a food processing or storage facility. Pests can carry and expose food to many types of hazards that can make people sick. So, it is very important to keep pests away from your operations. Pest control can be the responsibility of workers at the facility or can be contracted out to a qualified outside company.

  • Entrances pests might use to get into the facility should be eliminated and doors, windows, and screens should fit tightly.
  • Doors should be kept closed.
  • Pipe openings through the facility should be sealed, and if there are pipes that carry finished product out of the building, they should be capped when not in use.
  • All ingredients, equipment, and supplies should be inspected upon receipt for rodent droppings or any signs of gnawing and chewing on the containers, since mice often enter the facility on supply loads.
  • Anywhere a wall or roof has an opening, a screen should be added to prevent insects or rodents from getting inside.
  • Rodent traps of various types can capture pests on interior ground level floors and basement levels. Rodenticides are not used in interior traps.
  • Bait stations designed to lure rodents and expose them to rodenticides can be used on outside perimeters. Rodenticides should be used in block form only. Bait stations should be tamper-resistant and only be used outside.
  • Traps and bait stations should be mapped and checked routinely.
  • Metal refuse containers should have tight fitting covers and be stored on racks.
  • All rat holes and burrows should be closed.