Recall Plan Elements

An effective recall plan often will include several pieces of information.

Roles and responsibilities – The plan will identify and document the person (by title) who will coordinate recall activities, as well as describe the duties and roles of each member of the recall team.

Contact lists for who to notify – The plan will include how to contact regulatory agencies, customers and the public.

Lot identification and verification information – The plan will identify the codes of products involved, as well as the quantities of the product in each lot.

Procedures to check effectiveness – The plan explains how you will check to make sure that you actually receive the correct amount of product that you intended to recall (that no bad product remains on the market). This means you will need to reconcile the quantity recovered with the total processed  

  • Recall effectiveness (100 x (# cases recovered / total cases shipped))
    • You may have to submit to an audit that will show regulators that you retrieved all the effected product.

Procedures to dispose of product – Based on the type of hazard in the product, you might be able to reprocess the product, relabel the product or divert it to another safe use. You may need to destroy the product.