Good Practices for All

Tenets of food safety apply regardless of the size of the operation or the role of the worker. Every person in an organization, small or large, has responsibilities in one or more areas. Everyone will need to know how to produce food under sanitary conditions. These basic activities are called Good Manufacturing Practices. Members of a food safety team will develop procedures to meet food safety plan requirements. Leadership personnel will need to ensure everyone is trained and are given the resources needed to do their job.

Lessons in this course will have instructions for personnel at all levels of the organization and will apply to all sizes of businesses.

We will start with Good Manufacturing Practices, the fundamental requirements, that all personnel in the organization should be familiar with.

Lessons will follow on food safety hazards. Those dangers to human health, and how to identify them, will be the responsibility of the food safety team.

Lessons on monitoring and control of hazards, often the job of operations personnel, will be next. 

The course will cover ways to ensure that all parts of the plan continue to perform the way that they should.