Food Safety Plans

The best way to implement food safety practices is to develop a food safety plan. A food safety plan is a set of written documents that identifies potential hazards and defines steps to control those hazards. The plan can also contain suppliers’ programs and procedures for monitoring and making corrections when things go wrong. We will outline common first steps and resources for an effective plan.

Preliminary Steps

  1. Form a food safety team. Include individuals with different specialties and considerations.
  2. Describe the product and its distribution. Include the product name(s), ingredients, packaging type, shelf-life, storage, and distribution.
  3. Describe how the food is intended to be used and who is the consumers. Who are the intended customers (e.g., general public, infants, elderly, other at-risk people)?
  4. Develop a flow diagram and describe the process. Show each step in your process.
  5. Verify the flow diagram on-site. Physically verify your process and update with any changes.

There are many sources of information you can reference when developing a food safety plan.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) 

Regulatory publications

Trade association publications