Gestion des champignons pendant le stockage

By storing nuts in clean sacks off the floor and preventing the stock from getting wet or damaged by pests, the risk of fungus is reduced.

The best way to minimize fungal infection in storage is by placing groundnuts in sealable bags and placing those bags in a cool, dry location. Bags ought to be stored on pallets off the ground, with good air flow, and protected from pests such as birds and rats, which can chew open bags and allow insects to invade. When insects such as meal moths and grain weevils feed on stored groundnuts, they can introduce moisture that allows A. flavus to spread even to nuts that are not directly damaged by the insects.

Burlap bags may be sufficient to store groundnuts, if they are stacked properly and have good ventilation in a secure building. Studies have shown that groundnuts stored for several months in hermetically sealed bags, such as PICS bags, had less aflatoxin than those stored in burlap, but also had lower germination. The type of bag may depend on the length of storage and use of the pods.