GMPs for Outside of Facilities

Conditions outside the facility, can create attractive habitats for pests or make the building less secure. To minimize pests and protect the facility from deterioration that can lead to problems. Good management calls for:

  • Debris (litter, waste, and scrap material), unused equipment, and uncut vegetation should be removed from around the facility. Grass should be cut regularly. This prevents areas that could harbor rodents.
  • Grounds should have proper drainage to avoid standing water that breeds insects.
  • A vegetation-free border should be maintained around the building. The border should be 3 feet wide and extend from the ground to above the roof around the building perimeter including tree limbs and shrubs.
  • Scrap, pallets, pipes, drums, etc., should not accumulate on the grounds or parking lot.
  • Roofs should be maintained in good repair. Water from roofs or condensate within the plant should be prevented from contaminating product.
  • Outside openings should be screened to prevent pests from getting inside.

Peanut-specific GMPs

  • Any equipment used to remove foreign material from peanuts should be maintained and kept in a sanitary condition.
  • Peanuts should be stored in a warehouse that is clean, dry, well ventilated and pest free.
  • Peanut unloading and storage areas should be free of standing water, including elevator wells and dump pits, and kept sanitary.
  • Vehicles used to transport peanuts should be inspected to ensure they are clean, dry, and free of objectionable odors.